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  • Dejected Reviews Vannon's Crawling Home
    Dejected Reviews Vannon's Crawling HomeDate: 2023-03-12

    Vannon really captivated with this one! It's labeled as a demo but this sounds absolutely rad! It has amazing production qualities and skilled song writing elements. It's very well layered and structured. It has a nice balance of melodic , heavy and deep tones. I really see a bright musical future here! Go check it out! Also the artwork is sick!

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  • New Music Weekly: Paul Hodes And The Blue Buddha Band “The Night I Met John Lennon”
    New Music Weekly: Paul Hodes And The Blue Buddha Band “The Night I Met John Lennon”Date: 2023-03-01

    Paul Hodes and the Blue Buddha Band will be releasing their album, "Turn This Ship Around" on November 4th. CDs will be availabel at the CD release party/show at The Dance Hall in Kittery on November 4. The single "The Night I Met John Lennon" and entire album should be available to stream around Nov. 4.

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Meet our Artists

  • Ariana Hodes

    Ariana Hodes was born and raised in New Hampshire to musician parents, who dragged her around to gigs in the New England area her entire childhood. Ariana's songwriting began privately in the pages of many journals, and morphed into a public effort when she started gaining more confidence in her sound while living and creating in Los Angeles.

    Ariana Hodes
  • Frank Barter

    Frank broke on the Seattle music scene before it was a scene and stormed around the Northwest. Immediately compared to distinctive singer-songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Jackson Browne in reviews about his songwriting and releases. But in regards to his live shows the comparisons include Springsteen again, but throw in some Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, and U2. Wow! Really? Once this pandemic is under control, be sure to go see him and his great band!

    Frank Barter
  • Paul Hodes and the Blue Buddha Band

    What do you get when you put together a Congressman, two mad scientists and a jazz drummer? The Blue Buddha Band! a night with The Blue Buddha is a riotous night of old-fashioned rock ’n’roll…a full-tilt, high energy night of roots flavored 100 Proof Originals, Americana, Blues and Psychedelia.

    Paul Hodes and the Blue Buddha Band
  • Peggo and Paul

    Paul and Peggo met to make music when Peggo put an ad in the Boston Phoenix looking for a guitarist and Paul answered the ad. Married for 42 years, they are still making music together.

    Peggo and Paul
  • Pegossus

    Peggosus is a New Hampshire-based band that plays rompin' stompin', old-fashioned good time original music for children and families. Their music reaches across the generations, touching the child in all of us. When Peggo and Paul Hodes, the band's founders, had kids of their own, they imagined transforming the rock 'n' roll they grew up with into a musical experience to captivate the whole family.

  • The Larksong Trio

    The musicians of THE LARKSONG TRIO, Peggo Horstmann Hodes, soprano, Jennifer Yeaton-Parris, flute, and Calvin Herst, piano, began playing together more than a decade ago on a lark. From that happy accident, they discovered their signature sound – elegant, playful and stunningly beautiful. From Celtic to Copland, from Beatles to brand new, the Larksong Trio dazzles with surprising arrangements and breath-taking musicianship.

    The Larksong Trio
  • Vannon

    Vannon is a doomed heavy metal band from Oakland, CA. Their sound harnesses multiple genres to the ultimate end of smearing your brains across astral plains. See them live and it might be the last thing you ever do.


Big Round Music

Big Round Music is a boutique label, publisher, and producer of recordings and a source for consulting and management. Big Round is affiliated with ASCAP. Big Round's stable includes all original material contained on recordings by Peggosus, Peggo and Paul and The Blue Buddha Band. Big Round has also produced recordings by Larksong Trio, Femme M'Amie, Ariana Hodes and Frank Barter. Big Round Music publishes the music of Bay Area metal Band, Vannon, helmed by Max Hodes, and Frank Barter.

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