Big Round Music is a boutique label, publisher, and producer of recordings and a source for consulting and management. Big Round is affiliated with ASCAP. Big Round's stable includes all original material contained on recordings by Peggosus, Peggo and Paul and The Blue Buddha Band. Big Round has also produced recordings by Larksong Trio, Femme M'Amie, Ariana Hodes and Frank Barter. Big Round Music publishes the music of Bay Area metal Band, Vannon, helmed by Max Hodes, and Frank Barter.

Big Round produces location recordings, studio recordings, and live sound for events. Big Round's capabilities are enhanced by a solid equipment list including; Apollo 16 audio interface, Focusrite2802, studio microphones by Manley, Brauner, Signal Arts, Neumann Gefell, Lawson, AKG, Beezneez, Schoeps, and Mojave and preamps by D.W. Fearn, Cranesong, Manley, Pendulum, and UA Audio. Big Round is also available to Produce recordings with a 16 channel mobile recording rig.

Hon. Paul W. Hodes (see full bio here) has long experience as an entertainment attorney and is currently of counsel at the law firm of Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. After a stint serving in the united States Congress and utilizing this legal background, Hodes, through Big Round is available for consulting and management.

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