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Vannon is a doomed heavy metal band from Oakland, CA. Their sound harnesses multiple genres to the ultimate end of smearing your brains across astral plains. See them live and it might be the last thing you ever do. One minute you're head-banging and circle-pitting, the next, your third eye gets smashed open so wide the senseless magnitude of all possibilities and impossibilities spills into your enfeebled mind, leaving you dead on the ground, an ecstatic look on your face that your loved ones are embarrassed to talk about. For fans of Khemmis, Mastodon and Yob.


  • Max Hodes - guitar/vocals.
  • Nick Willbrand (Continuum, ex-Eviscerated, ex-Cartilage, ex-Flesh Consumed, ex-Feast) - bass/vocals
  • Nick Benigno (Earth Crawler, ex-Falling to Pieces) - drums

Vannon is clearly ahead of the pack. - Dan MacIntosh, Anti-Music

Titanically powerful yet broken up by delicate, elegant interludes, with Desert of Our Dreams, Vannon produces a grand prize of an album. - Randall Radic,

The instrumentation is fantastic, everything we’ve missed to hear from Mastodon is simply here. The creativity level here was my main focus, which I am more than satisfied with. It gave me chills and excitement every time I listened to it. - Burak Gundogdu,

Overall, I lived a dream while listening to “Desert of Dreams”. - Sooraj Ram, The Circle Pit

It is the movement through various heavy metal variations that make this an interesting and engaging listen, even for those listeners that only occasionally venture into heavy metal - Ljubinko Zivkovic, Echos and Dust

There is great playing, songwriting, and singing here from a heavy band that surprised me many times. - Ralph Greco, Short and Sweet NYC

...obviously talented musicians and have clearly produced something that has pleased a lot of people... - Neil Beardsley, Metal-Temple

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