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Peggosus is a New Hampshire-based band that plays rompin' stompin', old-fashioned good time original music for children and families. Their music reaches across the generations, touching the child in all of us. When Peggo and Paul Hodes, the band's founders, had kids of their own, they imagined transforming the rock 'n' roll they grew up with into a musical experience to captivate the whole family. Since 1985,Peggosus has been hailed for its unique brand of refreshing live music. The five musicians of Peggosus celebrate a blend of diverse musical traditions in their recordings... from hip wigglers and rollicking rockers to heart-tingling ballads and wonderful sing-alongs. Their music draws on rock, folk, jazz, blues, and country influences.

Peggosus combines sophisticated musicianship that grown-ups appreciate with the suitable silliness that kids love.Peggosus has been called "Jefferson Airplane for seven year olds" by Dirty Linen, the national acoustic-electric folk magazine. The band's first album, "Jubilee!", won the coveted Parent's Choice Honors award. The Boston Phoenix called "Jubilee!" "the best made-for-kids album in years." Peggosus' latest recording, "Diggin' in the Dirt", distributed nationally on the Boston Skyline label, has been featured as a "USA Today" recommended Kids Pick. The recording also wowed reviewers in Family Fun Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, and the American Library Association. It has also seen airplay on hundreds of kids' radio programs throughout the United States.

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